DIY Project: Rippled Scalf


2013 New Year’s gift to myself: DIY rippled scalf 🙂
(This was started in early 2012 but I had been too busy to finish it. And yay! it’s now completed! Woohoo!)







Row 1: cast on 28 stitches
Row 2 – 5: Yfwd. Sl1. Knit to end of row.
Row 6: Yfwd. Sl1. K2. *K2tog. K2. M1. K3. M1. K2. Sl1. K1. Psso.* Repeat from *. K3 for the last 3 stitches.
Row 7: Yfwd. Sl1. K2. Purl to last 3 stitches. K3.
Row 8 – 12: repeat row 6 & 7.
Row 13 – 17: Yfwd. Sl 1. Knit to end of row.
Then repeat from row 6 – 17.

Don’t Trash Your Old Masterpieces!


Yesterday, when I was cleaning and throwing away my old stuff, I found this picture I drew back in 2009:


I remember back then I was pretty satisfied with this drawing. But yesterday, when I looked at it again, I knew I could do better. Apparently, this is the reason for me to keep my old stuff, because I know whether I’ve improved or not by looking at them years later. So, it’s good when it’s crappy! 🙂