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Strapless Peplum Dress


I rarely wear strapless. It’s not that I don’t like strapless garment. It’s because I could hardly find a strapless top or dress that does not fall off my XXS body. So I decided to make my own strapless dress 🙂

IMG_20130129_2 IMG_20130129_1

I do not own the pattern. This is from Simplicity. However, I made some changes on centre back of the peplum pieces. The pattern instructions said to attach the invisible zipper to all layers on centre back including skirt layer, upper peplum layer, and lower peplum layer.  I made small changes here by attaching zipper to skirt CB only; and I used snaps to close the peplums.

Here’s what I meant 🙂

IMG_20130203_2 IMG_20130203_1

So when I wear it, I zip up the zipper from dress bottom to top; after that I close the snaps on lower peplum and then upper peplum. It takes more time to wear but looks way nicer than having the peplums sucked into the zipper.